Find Your Nearest HVAC Dealer

      HVAC Contractors in Pennsylvania

      Peirce Phelps works with a prestigious set of Pennsylvania HVAC contractors who are Carrier factory trained, Peirce Phelps certified, and hold a positive reputation in their area. All HVAC contractors are chosen carefully and are consistently trained to understand and implement the latest technology in HVAC solutions.

      Our HVAC contractors are equipped with the latest tools and software to calculate your home’s specific requirements. This allows them to deliver optimal heating or cooling solution that meets the latest standards in energy efficiency.

      We work closely with our Pennsylvania HVAC contractors, giving them the training and equipment to ensure you stay comfortable whatever the weather.

      To equip our HVAC contractors well, we have convenient Sales Centers and warehouses through Pennsylvania. We ensure fast delivery and easy access to parts, supplies, and equipment. We also have 24 hour emergency services.

      What Makes Our HVAC Contractors Different?

      • Knowledge. Our heating contractors have the knowledge, and expertise to offer the right solution for your home. They consider your short term and long term goals, and specify the right products for you.
      • Factory Trained Dealers. Our Pennsylvania air conditioning dealers have to work hard to earn the distinction of being called ‘factory trained’ through Carrier. In addition to extensive training on installation, maintenance and repair, our dealer’s performances are watched continuously to ensure they keep that distinction. We constantly evaluate them to see how well they take care of you as a customer.
      • Factory Authorized Parts: Our heating and air conditioning contractors ensure that only factory authorized parts are fitted. This helps in maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty, preserving the efficiency of the system, meeting engineering requirements, and meeting design specifications.
      • Energy Experts: Do you feel your utility bills are going through the roof? It is time to call us. We look at everything – from your floor boards to your roof shingles and everything in-between. Our energy experts can keep your comfortable, lower your energy bills, and improve indoor air quality.