History of Carrier Heating and Cooling Corporation

carrier heating and cooling productsIn 1902, Dr. Willis Carrier designed the world’s first modern air conditioning system, and changed the way the world lives and works. He pioneered a new industry and set up a company that came to be called “Weathermakers To The World”.

Today, Carrier is one of the largest HVAC companies in the world. Their products touch every aspect of human life – from home to offices, to commercial centers, to transportation, to preserving food and medical supplies, to education. In 1994, they led the world in phasing out ozone depleting refrigerants, and have set the standards for quality and energy efficiency since then. They have continuously pioneered evolutions in HVAC, and using smartphones and Wifi is just one of them.

Carrier HVAC product range covers four major groups:

Home Comfort – Millions of people across the world use Carrier products to heat or cool their homes as well as keep Indoor Air Quality at a high standard for human breathing.

Building Solutions: Carrier works with architects and constructors to ensure that building environments are efficient and sustainable. They offer air conditioning, controls, and energy services that make your work or living environment comfortable and productive.

Transportation Refrigeration: Whether you are transporting food stock or medicines, Carrier has the correct solution for you. They are the company of choice for transporting perishable goods across the world.

Commercial Refrigeration: Carrier products are the natural choice for food and beverage retail units. Carrier is always innovating to preserve the freshness and appearances of retail food products.

Carrier believes in a number of core values that drive their research, production, and distribution. These values cover quality, performance, responsibility, innovation, and customer care. These values are imparted to very employee and company that work with them.

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