The Need for Humidifier In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania sees something like 5-7 months of winter. The issue with winter is the air that is cold and dry. Cold air has very low relative humidity levels (RH Value). As this air is heated and sent into you home, it continues to have low humidity levels.

According to EPA and other agencies, a humidity level of 40-50 is ideal for human comfort. When the humidity levels are low in your home, it will remove moisture from your skin and body, from your furniture, and whatever else has so moisture at home. For you, low humidity means the following:

  • Irritation in mouth and skin
  • Skin becoming dry, itchy, and developing cracks
  • Throat becoming cracky and sore
  • Blood from the nose
  • Possibility of viruses, respiratory infection, allergic rhinits, and asthma.

Humidity Level Guidelines

The University of Minnesota has come up with guidelines for humidity levels in winter. Based on a 70 degree room temperature, these guidelines tell you what humidity to maintain at varying temperatures outside.

Outside Temperature Inside Humidity
20º to 40ºF Not over 40%
10º to 20ºF Not over 35%
0º to 10ºF Not over 30%
-10º to 0ºF Not over 25%
-20º to –10ºF Not over 20%
-20ºF or below Not over 15%

Carrier Humidifier

We offer three different types of humidifier from Carrier.

Steam Humidifier.

The best choice for large homes, a steam humidifier flows water between two electrodes. The resultant steam is distributed into the ductwork. Carrier steam humidifier are easy to maintain, and has a easy to replace canister system for replenishing the water. The Carrier steam humidifier can output upto 34 gallons of water vapour per day and is completely silent.

Fan Powered Humidifier

The fan powered humidifier comes with a easy to change water panel. The Infinity® control or the Edge® thermostat can also warn you when a water panel needs replacement.

Carrier’s fa powered humidifier can work in houses of all sizes.

Bypass Humidifier

The bypass humidifier from Carrier uses the blower motor of the furnace to throw water vapour into the house. Needing a water panel change just once a year, the by pass humidifier has lesser loops and works efficiently with the furnace itself.

Call your nearest Peirce contractor to visit your home and help you understand which is the best humidifier for you. All Pierce contractors are trained to give you the best possible solution within tight budgets.