5Cs of Cooling

5Cs of CoolingAs warmer temperatures approach, many consumers will turn to their thermostat to battle the heat and keep their homes cool. However, they might not realize that their air-conditioning system can do much more than protect them from the heat. In fact, some systems help home owners keep money in their wallet and help keep their house healthy. Experts recommend that home owners keep the 5 Cs of cooling in mind as they protect their home from the heat and evaluate the latest cooling technologies.

C1 – Custom Comfort

Obviously, your comfort is the first priority. Air-conditioning advancements have made it easy to escape from the muggy summer heat and customize the settings in your home during the day. The latest technology can even let you program your thermostat from your cell phone or computer so that you can walk into your ideal temperature when you arrive home. You can also adjust indoor humidity when the heat index is unbearable.

C2 – Cost-Efficiency

What efficiency level is right for your home? From lower utility bills to tax savings, there are many things that consumers should keep in mind. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a standard measurement of efficiency, similar to miles per gallon ratings on a car. Buying an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating can help you save money each month on your utility bills. Some systems can even qualify you for a government tax credit. Since 2006, the minimum efficiency available on new air conditioners is 13 SEER with Carrier now offering 20 SEER and above.

Our dealers have access to an on-line tool that compares the efficiency of different systems. They can use a customized calculator to show home owners how different air-conditioning systems can help them save money over time, based on weather patterns and utility costs in their area.

C3 – Cleanliness

From pollen to mold spores, summer can be a tough time for allergies. What many people don’t know is that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air quality as one of the nation’s three most important environmental issues. Even the cleanest homes can contain pet dander, viruses and other contaminants.

To help keep your family’s air healthy, look for a high-quality, high-efficiency, whole-home air purifier to add to your heating and cooling system. The right device can clean and protect the air you breathe by filtering and killing potentially harmful indoor pollutants. The Carrier Infinity Air Purifier is your most reliable solution for enhanced indoor air quality.

C4 – Coolant

If you live in an older house, your cooling system probably uses a coolant or refrigerant called R-22, commonly known as Freon® which is an ozone-depleting refrigerant scheduled to be phased out beginning in 2010. Today, there are environmentally sound alternatives like Puron® refrigerant that won’t deplete the ozone layer. If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you will want to be sure you’re getting Puron refrigerant in your new system.

C5 – Customer Service

The right heating and cooling system begins with the right service company. It’s easy to find a reliable dealer who will do whatever it takes to help keep you cool during the sweltering summer. Once you locate a dealer/contractor, they can serve as your resource for warranty questions, system recommendations, and any other ongoing support on home cooling issues. Surf these pages to locate a Peirce-Phelps dealer near you, and be surprised by the knowledge and professionalism you get.

Remember these 5 Cs and get the protection you need this summer!