Basics of Variable Speed Air Conditioners

Variable speed HVAC systems including air conditioners are becoming popular. Designed and manufactured by Carrier, these modern units are marvels in technology. Using multiple inputs, these units vary the speed at which they operate. The advantage of this flexibility are numerous. One; the units are intelligent and know when to work and when not to. Two; the units go near shutdown when they don’t need to work. The net result is consistent comfort all the time, and huge energy savings.

Variable speed air conditioners have won numerous awards and are today considered to be the most efficient. They have been rated at 21 SEER, the highest for any air conditioner. When you are looking to install one, a knowledgeable and trained Peirce dealer is never very far away.

In the infographics below, we present a very simple way of understanding how these variable speed air conditioners work, and how they save energy for you. We will be discussing these units in more detail in the coming months. So, stay tuned.

Variable Speed Air Conditioners

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