Carrier VS Systems

Infinity 19VS Central Air Conditioner

Carrier 19VS Air ConditionerThe Carrier VS or Variable Seed Infinity 19VS Central Air Conditioner is a modern day marvel. Operating at an efficiency of up to 19 SEER, the 19VS is extremely quiet and offers large number of features that maximize comfort. The 19VS is the result of years of design, development, and testing with cutting-edge technologies to keep you comfortable.

The Carrier VS system is powered by a variable, 5-stage rotary compressor that can operate as low as 25% of its capacity. Low speeds enable the air conditioner to remove humidity, and keep temperatures at control. Working with other systems such as an air purifier, the 19VS can, at low speeds, deliver constant air flow at very high efficiency levels.

The 19VS greatest feature is it’s flexibility. It is part of a new system from Carrier where the Air Conditioning systems can be upgraded one component at a time.

The 19VS comes with a 10-year part warranty when registered upon purchase.

The Infinity 18VS Heat Pump

Carrier 18VS Heat Pump SizeThe Infinity 18VS heat Pump is an ideal companion to the 19VS Air Conditioner.

Till now Heat Pumps have all been two-stage. The compressor speed is set at 100% or somewhere between 40% and 100%. The all new 18VS can vary it’s compressor speed continuously by monitoring conditions and selecting one of five-stages for both comfort and efficiency.

The two key components of 18VS are it’s rotary compressor, and integrated invertor control. The invertor control provides sophisticated management, as well as long life to the system.

With up to 11 HSPF, the 18VS can work more efficiently than standard heat pumps, and then dip into it’s auxiliary heat source to pump out some more heat. This makes the 18VS ideal for a wide range to regions in the US where temperatures dip excessively.

Operational Efficiency. Save $100 or more in utility bills.

Carrrier 19VS Operational Efficiency

19VS Key Features & Specifications

  • Energy Efficient Operation: Up to 19 SEER cooling performance and 12.5 EER
  • Space Saving Design: Microtube coil technology and rotary compressor deliver extra compact design


  • Excellent summer dehumidification achieved with Infinity Touch Control
  • Variable, 5-stage compressor that can operate at 25% capacity
  • Excellent quite with noise levels at 56 decibels


  • Integrated inverter for both compressor and fan
  • Built in system protection
  • Advanced diagnostic intelligence
  • Special construction to manage sound levels

18VS Key Features

  • Vari-Efficient – Invertor driven rotary compressor that can deliver up to 11 HSPF and 18 SEER.
  • Vari-Small – Up to 58% smaller than standard two-stage heat pumps.
  • Vari-Comfortable  – Capability to run at low speeds increase dehumidification, more cooling, and better indoor comfort.
  • Vari-Quiet – Advanced, design, and construction methodology result in sound as low as 55 dBA.
  • Vari-Smart – Intelligent controls add to the 18VS capacity to  deliver optimal comfort and efficiency.