Split Units

Split air conditioning and heating systems are an exciting new technology. Split units do away with the need for elaborate ducting systems. If you don’t have a ducting system installed at home, spilt units are a great way of heating and cooling your home. Split units are also referred to as ductless systems.

Split units have two components. One is installed outdoors and is called the condenser. Another is installed indoors and is called the evaporator. The two are connected by a small tube that carries the refrigerant.

The condenser unit changes the temperature of the refrigerant which is then pumped to the evaporator units. The evaporator units flow the refrigerant through coils on which air is blown. This hot or cold air is pumped into the room.

Split units are great energy savers. According to the DOE, split units can save up to 30% on your operational energy costs by eliminating duct losses.

Where to use Split Units

Split units, or, ductless systems, are ideal for challenging spaces such as the following:

  • Hot or Cold Rooms. Sometimes we do find a particular room to be too hot or too cold. Use the Carrier ductless split units to make such rooms habitable again.
  • New Rooms: If you have added a new sun room, a basement or an attic, split units are ideal to heat and cool such spaces.
  • Empty Nest: In slightly large houses, you could have rooms that are rarely used. Use split units in such rooms to save energy. Heat or cool such rooms only when you use them.
  • Light Commercial Spaces: If you are configuring a strip mall, retail stores, office spaces, or restaurants, split units are the ideal solution for both comfort and saving energy.
  • Commercial Applications: Split units offer flexible options for restaurants, nursing homes, office buildings, hotels and much more.

Cold Climate Heating & Cooling

For the extreme climate change that happens in Pennsylvania, the Carrier split units are ideal. These are highly efficient ductless systems with comfort options including 5 fan speeds and a turbo mode for fast temperature change.

These units can be used year round for both heating and cooling needs. The Carrier Ductless & VRF systems offer the following great advantages:

  • Energy Efficient: Specially designed inverter technology allows split air conditioning and heating systems to achieve up to 30.5 SEER.
  • Personalized Setting: Use individual room settings to get the comfort you are looking for.
  • Energy Star: Select systems are Energy Star rated in both heat pumps and cooling systems.
  • Quiet Operation: The extremely low noise levels or Carrier ductless systems allows you to work quietly, enjoy a movie, listen to music, or simply take a power nap.
  • Environment Friendly: Carrier Ductless systems use the R410A refrigerant that has reduced harmful effects on the earth.


Split Units_Zones
A 3 zone split unit system.

In a single zone ductless split system, you have one condenser and one evaporator. This is generally used to heat or cool a single room or a small area.

In multi zone systems, you will have one condenser outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor evaporator units. In most cases, a maximum of 4 evaporator units can be connected to one condenser.

Choose Your Indoor Unit

At Peirce, we offer multiple indoor units. All indoor units types are equally efficient, and the choice can be made on aesthetics, interior design and, just what looks good to your eye.

The Cassette

Split Units_Cassettes
A Cassette

Cassettes are indoor units mounted on the ceiling. There are ideal for homes or offices where you have a high ceiling. A false ceiling can keep all cables and pipes hidden giving the room a clean look.

High Wall Mounts

Splt Units_High Wall Mounts
A High Wall Mount

Carrier High wall mounts are mounted near the ceiling on any wall. Ideally the distance between the high wall unit the outdoor heat pump must be as small as possible. High wall units come with wireless RC using which you can set fan speed and the required temperature.

Under Ceiling Units

Splt Units_Under Ceiling Units
An under ceiling unit.

Under ceiling units can be mounted in rooms with high or low ceiling. Major portion of the indoor unit will be flush with the ceiling leaving lot of room. These indoor units can be as low as 34 decibels in sound and come with multiple indoor fan speeds.

Split Units from Peirce Phelps

At Peirce Phelps, we carry the complete range of both ducted and ductless split systems from Carrier for our customers in Pennsylvania.

Ducted Split Units in Pennsylvania

In ducted split heating & air conditioning systems, we offer 33 models ranging from 6 to 130 tons. These split units are ideal for large houses and commercial establishments. Peirce Phelps trained and certified contractors are capable of configuring the right size and combination for your ultimate comfort in Pennsylvania. In addition to installation, Peirce contractors have been trained to service and maintain all Carrier ducted split units.

Ductless Split Units in Pennsylvania

In ductless split systems, we offer 31 models from Carrier. These range from 18,000 to 60,000 capacity measured in British Thermal Units or Btuh. All Carrier ductless split units are highly efficient and have a SEER rating from 13 to 31.

Our ductless splits systems cover both multi-zone and single-zone requirements. Indoor units cover cassette, ducted, floor console, high wall and under ceiling.

Split Units in Pennsylvania

Peirce Phelps brings to your door steps the most advanced split units in the industry. Our contractors are well trained to handle all your requirements in split units. From assessment to installation to maintenance and repair, Peirce contractors are the best in handling Carrier split units.

Locate and call your nearest Peirce contractor and rest easy knowing your split units are being handled by thorough professionals.

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